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How StrategyLabs Works:

Create Strategy: Use StrategyLabs Builder and put your ideas to work. Our Intutive Graphical User interface ensures that one can create complex trading and investment Strategies without the need to learn any Programming or Scripting Language. We support more than 50 Technical and Fundamental Indicators. We will continue to add many more indicators in the coming quarter. Click here to view the demo.

Note: You need JRE(Version 1.6 update 26) compatible browser.

Back Test Strategy: Trading and Investment Strategies which works amazingly well in Bull market hardly yields any result in Range bound or Bear markets and Vica-versa. The challenge is to identify which Strategy is best suited for what type of market scenario.

This need is met by StrategyLabs system which can test your strategies against real Historical data i.e execute every day and gives you total profit/loss and detailed insights into strategy overall performance.This feedback will allow you to continuously fine tune your strategy based on the Back testing report. We support more than 3 years of Historical data. Click here to view the demo.

Daily Strategy Alerts: Once you are happy with the created Strategy and the Back Testing results, you can make your Strategy live to get daily Trade Alerts automatically. The System will automatically alert you when to get into trade and when to come out based on the Strategy you have created.